“Our family has continually owned and worked this land for a little over 100 years and it is still productive.” — James Johnasen, Wowan

Our strategy’s progress

Delivery pathways

CQSS:2030 is a strategy for people. The primary delivery pathway is through engagement with the community, industries and businesses of central Queensland. The secondary pathway is through this website, which provides open access to the strategy and a dynamic information base with links to other resources.

Delivery by engagement

CQSS:2030 has been reviewed by FBA with input from stakeholders and members of the community. FBA is leading the strategy’s delivery at the regional level, but other organisations are key to making sure it has a life within the central Queensland networks. Organisations such as DCCA, CHRRUP, Capricornia Catchments, FBEC; the peak industry bodies AgForce, QFF, Cotton Australia; conservation groups, State government agencies and local governments are all important delivery partners. These organisations need to be aware of the strategy, and use it to direct their activities towards regional priorities, and demonstrate the regional outcomes of the work they do. These organisations all also have a ‘front line’ role in engaging individual resource users and the wider central Queensland community.

Objectives, strategies and reporting milestones


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