“I love this part of central Queensland because of our wonderful lush green grasses in the wet season and the flowing creeks so we can go down to the creeks and swim.”
Andrew McArthur

Central Queensland is experiencing profound change in industry, land use, community and climate. Planning allows us to capitalise on the opportunities while managing risks.

The Central Queensland Sustainability Strategy 2030 (CQSS:2030) draws on the best available knowledge so we can work together to protect our natural assets: it’s vital for our region’s continued balanced growth.

CQSS:2030 provides a blueprint for how we can work together to better manage and protect our natural assets.

Plan our future

All central Queensland industries need our support. Grain growing, coal mining, grazing, gas extraction and tourism are all important. Balancing competing uses and industries is necessary for our future growth.
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Support our growth

If we keep going as we are, we will lose future opportunities. We need to balance all our region’s industries to protect our natural assets.
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Protect our assets

Queensland has had over 10 climate-related disasters in the past five years. For example, the Fitzroy system has experienced an unprecedented number of floods in the past four years.
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