Healthy natural assets sustain us

Our personal health and wellbeing, lifestyles, businesses and economy all depend on the health of the natural environment that surrounds us.

When we talk of natural assets in the CQSS2030, we mean the major parts of our natural environment that provide important environmental services to individuals, businesses and communities.

You can learn more about their importance and connections, threats and status in central Queensland by clicking on different parts of the diagram below.

In the CQSS2030, six natural assets are identified and while each asset is explored individually, it is important to remember they do not exist or operate in isolation – they are all interconnected. Add to this the people who live in the region as well as climate (two key drivers) and we have an ever-changing region.

Because of asset and driver connectivity and their influence on one another, any change in one always affects the others.

Asset status is a ready estimator based on:

  • Global, Australian and Queensland reports
  • The likely impact on our businesses, communities, economy and future if we change nothing in the next five years
  • Results of the 2020 regional natural assets community survey

Our region is not at a point where available data can be collated and analysed using a scientifically validated model to produce an accurate report on the status of our region’s six region’s natural assets and two key drivers. 

Amazing job everyone! Everything is doing great and current trends are stable and/or improving.

Good job everyone! Most things are going well and current trends are stable.

Time to think and talk about this! Most things are okay but current trends are borderline and could easily head downhill.

Time to act everyone! Trends are heading too fast in the wrong direction. Let’s turn this around.

Urgent action is needed! Trends indicate things are in a bad way. We need to act now!