CQ in Focus

Nature Photography Competitions


The CQ in Focus Nature Photography Competition runs annually to celebrate the environment that sustains one of the most productive regions in Australia. The competition asks entrants to capture one or more of the Fitzroy’s region’s six major natural assets and/or the people or communities caring for them. Open to anyone who lives, works or plays in the Fitzroy region the competition attracts hundreds of high-quality entries each year.

As a result, we have a collection of over 1,000 stunning images highlighting the beauty that can be found in sometimes the most unexpected places.

Each image is accompanied by a short blurb by the photographer explaining how their image celebrates CQ’s natural assets and what the asset means to them. We encourage you to grab a cuppa and explore the beauty of central Queensland as captured by those who enjoy it most.

If you would like to get involved in this annual competition, we encourage you to follow FBA on social media to subscribe to their bi-monthly email newsletter.