Of the activities below tell us which ones you do and which ones you would like to start. If you do not do the activity, nor want to start it, select 'Neither'.
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Formal Environmental education (early childhood, school, university, other employment)
Informal Environmental education (educating self, informing and upskilling friends and family)
Organising environmental community groups/events/activities
Managing erosion
Managing fire
Controlling weeds and/or pest animals
Protecting, extending or improving native vegetation
Managing/caring for waterways (urban and rural)
Collecting rubbish/beach clean ups
Applying best practice in land management
Implementing regenerative agricultural practices
Monitoring environmental changes/collecting data
Reporting (collating information on conditions/changes to inform policies and proposals)
Participating in citizen science activities
Supporting environmental organisations (donations/volunteering)
Caring for wildlife (licensed/trained carers, wildlife friendly gardening, leaving water out)
Conserving water
Purchasing less/sourcing ethical products and services/growing own food
Limiting chemical use/application
Limiting energy consumption (checking energy efficiency rating, switching off appliances, going solar)
Reducing vehicle emissions (car pooling, public transport, walking/cycling, hybrid/fuel efficient cars)
Reducing waste (composting, reduce, reuse, recycle, appropriate waste disposal)
Conducting research
Development and innovation (new technologies/methods/approaches etc.)
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