2018-2021 consultation and review process

The 2018-21 CQSS2030 consultation and review was funded by (and a requirement of) the Australian Government National Landcare Program – Regional Land Partnerships. Summaries of the consultation undertaken and key outcomes arising from it are shared in the hyperlinks listed below.

The subsequent updates to the CQSS2030 website and NRM plan were based on a synthesis of:

  • 1200+ responses to a region-wide, month-long, online community survey
  • 5 desktop reviews conducted by Fitzroy Basin Association
  • 2 contracted desktop reviews
  • a 2-day technical specialist’s workshop
  • consultations with 4 First Nations’ groups and 6 regional councils

A key recommendation for the region arising from the 2018-2021 consultation was to

By October 2022, establish regional working groups to:

  1. further the reach and influence of CQSS2030
  2. establish monitoring and reporting against all CQSS2030 targets
  3. ensure the CQSS2030 is informed by and implemented with cross-sector and cross-cultural approaches that combine industry best practice, world-leading science, the wisdom of First Nations’ knowledge and the input of our regional, State, Australian and global citizens.

This recommendation draws not only from previous iterations of the region’s natural resource management plan, but also more than 1200 community responses to the 2020 natural assets survey, input from local, state and national technical specialists, numerous desktop reviews, recommendations from several of our region’s First Nations groups, and exactly what national and world scientists call for.

2018-21 Regional consultation and Outcome Summary 
Appendix A – Desktop Review Excerpts
Appendix B – 2020 Natural Assets Community Survey Outcomes
Appendix C – Technical Workshop Summary
Appendix D – First Nations Consultation
Appendix E – Regional Council Consultation
Appendix F – Fitzroy Basin Association Team
Appendix G – Australian Government Regional Land Partnerships
Appendix H – CQSS2030 Bibliography
Appendix I – Independent CQSS Targets Review