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The next critical step in implementing and achieving a sustainable future for central Queensland is working together across sectors to fine-tune the CQSS2030 targets for our region and build a platform that will allow us to monitor and report on progress against all of them. Much of the data is out there, and many of the processes and systems to support monitoring and reporting are already in place. Now it’s time for our region to rally together, pool our knowledge and resources, and put them to even better use.

By October 2022, establish eight regional working groups to:

  1. further the reach and influence of CQSS2030
  2. establish monitoring and reporting against all CQSS2030 targets
  3. ensure the CQSS2030 is informed by and implemented with cross-sector and cross-cultural approaches that combine industry best practice, world-leading science, the wisdom of First Nations’ knowledge and the input of our regional, State, Australian and global citizens.

This recommendation draws not only from previous iterations of the region’s natural resource management plan, but also more than 1200 community responses to the 2020 natural assets survey, input from local, state and national technical specialists, numerous desktop reviews, recommendations from several of our region’s First Nations groups, and exactly what national and world scientists call for.